What Parts of the Country and World Use Which Smartphone?

This was a very interesting website that I came across. http://www.mapbox.com/labs/twitter-gnip/brands/#4/38.69/-94.61

By taking the geo location of tweets from Twitter and then taking the information of what mobile device was used to send it…and then map it. From a zoomed out view, in the US it looks like Apple is dominant, but zooming in on different areas of the country you’ll see Android is more dominant. It’s interesting looking region to region of which devices are preferred.

Then look at the map at a global level not just the US and in some instances, like in Europe, there is a sharp contrast from country to country on which device is used more often.

Very neat information that may help these companies alter their marketing in different regions or countries…and for the rest of us, just fun to look at.