Paper Weights

20, 32, 80, 100.  Gloss, book, text, cover.  There are far too many options to choose from when deciding on paper weight.  The decision can often be a daunting task.  The impression you give a client can start with the quality and thickness of the stock you use.  Below is a list of some of the more widely recognized paper weights (in order from thinest to thickest) and the printed materials most commonly associated with them:

20 lb Bond/50 lb Text – Mostly used as everyday Copy Paper in office printers.

24 lb Bond/60 lb Text – A nice quality weight commonly used for Letterhead and Stationery.

32 lb Bond/80 lb Text – A popular weight for Brochures and Handouts.  Thick enough to allow 2-sided printed without noticeable bleed through.

110 lb Index – A durable stock most commonly used in Folders, Tabs and Dividers.

80 lb Cover – The most used stock for standard Business Cards and Postcards.

100 lb Cover – Used for higher quality Business Cards and Postcards.  One of the thickest paper stocks widely available.

Your choice of paper weight comes down to the type of piece you are producing. Give us a call to discuss your paper stock options.