Oregon Ducks Have a Tradition of Never Staying the Same

Whether it is a university or a National Football League franchise, tradition is a big deal. This tradition extends as far as the design of the uniforms. Take a look at our own Chiefs here in Kansas City as a prime example. The design remains almost indistinguishable from uniforms our 1967 Superbowl team donned. KC sports talk radio almost went giddy when the Chiefs adorned themselves with red tops and bottoms in a game this season. Wow(sarcasm). Not much has changed with most of the NFL uniforms. Both the Steelers and Jets have turned out “throw back” attire that included tan bottoms. This only managed to make half of the team look like they weren’t wearing any pants.

Contrast this with the University of Oregon football team. They always seem to be on the cutting edge of uniform design. This year they made headlines when they dressed out in vibrant pink helmets, gloves, shoes and socks that popped off black uniforms to honor breast cancer awareness. They managed to make pink look (almost) tough. This is what they do.

Oregon has started their own tradition of trying something unique every year and most of the time the uniforms make the players look like bad mamma-jammas, even superheroes. The website uniformcritics.com has compiled several of the past U of O designs and a couple of them reminded me of the 80’s television series Streethawk. You know, the bike version of Knight Rider? Ok, I looked back at some photos of Streethawk and it actually wasn’t that cool, but it reminds me of the way I remember it. Maybe Tron: Legacy would be a better translation today. Some of these uniforms make the players look like they are in freakn’ Tron. Wouldn’t you feel like one bad mutha (shut yo mouth!) if you could wear a uniform that made you look like you were a part of freakn’ tron? Traditional uniforms may not always be the best way to go. This blog got away from me a little bit, but you have to admit it is something to think about.