Online Surveys

How many of you have used an online survey program like Survey Monkey?

If you haven’t, you should and here is why.

It’s hard to get genuine feedback sometimes from clients. Of course we all have those clients that tell it how it is, exactly, and right away. But most would rather not have conflict at all then one day you lose them and don’t really know why. Or you find out why and it’s something that could have and should have been addressed.

With online surveys you can make them anonymous and email them out to your entire customer base and ask for feedback. This may be the opportunity that client needs to express their frustration with something you are or are not doing and will give you time to fix it and retain that client.

You must keep it simple though. No one wants to spend 30 minutes on a survey so keep it to 3-5 minutes and make the questions easy to answer… ie scale of 1-10 or multiple answer sections. The information you get from these surveys will help you to formulate a plan to better yourself and your business. You need to listen to your customers but sometimes they just don’t want to be the bearer of bad news or don’t want anything to harm a relationship and that is where keeping it anonymous can help those people to communicate with you how they want.

There is one company that we have worked with for years and they send out a survey about once every 6 – 8 weeks. I take the time to fill it out and enough changes have occurred over the years, it’s obvious I wasn’t the only person with XYZ problems and they have since instituted changes. Those changes have led to us continuing to use them. We have a better solution and they kept a client. Win win all around.