The “Netflix” of Coffee Needs to Come to Kansas City

As you may know by now, I am a bit of a coffee freak. It’s a little sad really. Any free time I have usually involves getting a coffee or thinking about getting a coffee. When I discovered that a coffee version of Netflix was recently introduced in New York city, I actually gasped to myself.

How can you have a coffee version of Netflix, you ask? Good question. As many of you are aware, Netflix is an app that gives you access to thousands of movies for a monthly subscription of $8/month. CUPS is a coffee app that has partnered with indie coffee shops in downtown Manhattan to provide endless coffee access for a monthly subscription. There are two tiers of subscriptions available through this app. Your “basic” plan is $45 and will give you endless access to cups of brew, drip, pour-over, filter coffee, and tea at participating shops. The “premium” plan gives you access to all the espresso drinks. By the way, all sizes are included in both plans, which is freaking awesome. I don’t know if having this kind of access to coffee would be good or bad for me, but you may soon see me organizing a campaign to bring CUPS to Kansas City.