Monster, CareerBuilder or Indeed?

Job seekers hit the web looking everywhere. Employers need quality workers but have so many places to post job ads. If you’re a big corporation you probably easily have it in your budget to send out ads to CareerBuilder, Monster and and probably get a nice discount because you’re always hiring for something.

Small businesses don’t have it so lucky. Our company for instance, isn’t always looking for help. We’re a small business and growth is there but small. When it comes time to find an employee where do we post our ads and what kind of return do we get for the price?

From our experience:

  1. has done next to nothing for us. Waste of time and money.
  2. CareerBuilder was pretty much the same
  3. CraigsList while free and we did get a lot of resumes, very very very few were any good, barely any good enough to interview! (Jessica found our Craigslist ad almost 3 years ago though!!!)
  4. Local papers were pretty worthless
  5. ?

So in steps the fairly new website for job seekers and employers,

What is nice here is you can post your resume and employers can go through resumes online without having to pay anything. Find a good resume then pay on a per resume basis to contact that person. It’s cheap and you can do your research. When you post a job it’s the same idea, you pay only when people view your job listing. And we’re talking less than 50 cents each time and in most cases it’s been around 25 cents.

The best part is we have seen a lot of qualified resumes come in.

If you are looking for a job or are a small business needing to find good help, give a try and see how it goes. Worse case it costs you some time and maybe $10. Best case you have a great employee working for you. When compared to $300 for and we got 2 resumes in 30 days, is far and away a better option.