A Little Moisture and What????

I’m very rapidly losing faith in our expensive electronic gizmos.

I have an iPhone and less than a month after it was out of the 1 year warranty, it got wet. I had it in my jeans and got sprayed with a hose and what? Yea, it quit working. Seriously. I took it apart and the water indicator stickers weren’t discolored. A couple drops on the inside was all. I let it dry out really well and the display on/off button won’t work.

Well it did work, it had a mind of it’s own turning my phone on and off at random but finally after a few weeks it died completely. Which is fine I guess, I just have to wait for the display to time out and turn off on its own.

Next up is my wife’s HTC EVO. That torrential downpour we had on Thursday? She walked from the car to the house while on the phone and it did the same as my iPhone. Turns on and off on it’s own…tried for 4 days to get it to dry out. It works better now but still has a mind of its own so she’s using a friends old phone and see if we can get this thing super dried out if it’ll still work.

Third? Yes a third. I went hunting this weekend, damp moist morning and took my Sony camcorder out with me to film deer coming in. And what might you say happened? It just quit. Seriously just quit. The shutter won’t close and I can’t get any videos off the hard drive. Plug it in and makes no difference. Let it set for a day and it sorta turns on, so there is some life but it doesn’t turn on enough to use it or get my video clips off.

I’ve about had it with these high dollar electronics. I’m about to go back to a simple flip phone to make calls and text, don’t need the rest. And that high dollar camcorder? That just makes me mad. Of course everything is out of warranty.