Mobile Website

We just wrapped up another mobile website for a client in Branson, MO. Next we will be working on their regular website that needs a facelift. The mobile website can be viewed at or on your mobile device simply by going to

Compton Ridge will be using their mobile website along with a QR code campaign. The QR codes will be placed on print materials, signs, and advertisements and will direct the user to their new mobile website.

A lot of people still get confused between an app and a mobile website. An app is native to a specific platform (Apple, Android, Blackberry, etc). The app would be purchased or downloaded through that platforms app store and installed.

Most apps do not require an internet connection to work but take a lot more time to and expense to create.

Mobile websites work on all platforms, you only have to make it once, and there are no issues with having to download an app. The only drawback is you must have an internet connection for them to work.

If you’re interested in a mobile website, let us know!