Merchant Accounts

Want to sell something on your website? Have a full blown online store or even raise money for a cause? There are lots of merchant accounts out there that are very flexible for the small business or user as well as large companies.

Our company used to do very little with credit cards, so little that we just had a phone-in service with our bank. That was time consuming but when you only ran 1 or 2 credit cards a month it made sense.

We now use PayPal and have dozens of people that pay us that way each month. Still not a huge number considering some retailers have thousands of online transactions every day!

What we tell clients is if you think you will have a low volume and don’t want to spend a lot of money on the merchant then you really can’t beat PayPal. They even give you a credit card swipe for your phone or tablet for free. You can “upgrade” from PayPal to something from down the road if you find you’re doing so many transactions that a different merchant makes more sense.

PayPal also offers easy to configure and install “buy it now” or “donate” buttons to easily integrate on your website which is about all most small businesses are looking for.