March Madness

This weekend is the Final Four and it got me thinking about how technology has changed the last decade.

In High School we had TVs in every room and the fun teachers would let us watch March Madness that first Thursday and Friday. It was great! In college it didn’t much matter as you just didn’t goto class if you wanted to watch the game. Then I’m in the “real world” and you would keep up with the games through the live update tickers. Hardly fun but better than nothing. Not long after that you could watch the games live online which was amazing!

Live streaming video has really taken off online with faster internet speeds. I’m talking live video not just Netflix style services. Whether it’s watching college basketball, NASCAR, or even MLB has a pass you can buy to watch the games online. Some services are paid and why not, they have to front the costs on the servers and technology so a few bucks a month is nothing if you can’t get it on your local TV package.

As the web moves more towards video, live or static, watch for how different companies use it to make money and look at how they market themselves. Pick out what the successful companies end up doing as opposed to the less successful.