Live Chat on Your Website

If you goto our home page you’ll notice something different at the bottom right. We have installed a live chat feature partly to play with the technology and partly to see what good it would do for our clients and even for ourselves.

With our business, most of us sit at a computer the majority of the day designing your print or web pieces, or like myself, coding web applications or websites. We have the staff at the computer already so adding the live chat feature is easy to do and not hard to make sure someone can man it during the day. Email works just fine but sometimes you want a quick simple answer and the live chat helps with that.

Is this a feature your business should consider? Well, what type of business do you have? If you are a remodeler or in an industry where you just don’t have a lot of new clients every month then it’s probably a waste of money. However, if you have an HVAC company, this would be a great thing to have. Just imagine someone jumping on your website and they can simply chat with you and say they need their furnace looked at or can describe a problem over chat quickly. It’s a way for you to get in the door with them.

Society more and more does not want to talk with people. They would rather text than call. Rather email than pick up that phone and call a stranger/salesperson. The chat feature allows them to have instant communication with you without having to talk and without having the lag of waiting for an email reply…even if it’s just a 10 minute late.

If you’re interested in a live chat feature for your website, give us a call…err chat with us from our home page and we can talk more.