Kindle Fire or iPad Mini

My mom recently had knee replacement surgery and spent several days in the hospital and then a week at a rehab facility. You know, not much to do, few hours of therapy a day, and a lot of down time. She is an avid reader and has had a Kindle for probably 4 years with literally over 1,000 books. She reads a lot!

She called me and said that the Kindle quit working and tech support couldn’t fix it and said it had finally died. I went to the store to buy her a new one and saw the Kindle Fire and thought to get her that instead of the regular Kindle. The iPad Mini crossed my mind but $130 more, I wasn’t so sure. Plus, she is used to the Amazon checkout process and her account on there and would probably just confuse her with iTunes too.

So of course I played with it a bit and I now know why the iPad Mini is so much more. The Fire is nice, but it is SLOOOOOOOWWWWWW. You would tap on an app or game and it hesitates and then loads it slowly. Almost like using 3 year-old technology. I have to wonder if the processor is much more watered down or slower memory or something but it is definitely noticeable.

However, to the person that matters…my mom…she couldn’t tell a difference because, well, she doesn’t have an iPad to compare it to. Afterall, it’s main purpose is for reading still and it does that part just fine.

For anyone thinking about buying a Kindle Fire instead of an iPad or iPad Mini, for the purpose of saving money, AND you intend to do a lot of stuff other than web surf and read on it…I think you will be disappointed and wish you bought an iPad. For everyone else, the Fire is a great little tablet.