Kickstarter: A Great Solution To Great Ideas

If you think about it, design and creativity has influence over almost every facet of our lives. It influences how we receive information, such as through smart phones and tablets. Creativity and ingenuity influences how we travel (See Elon Musk and a possible future means of travel called the Hyperloop). Our creative ideas can also affect how we interact with our city.

Unfortunately, a lot of brilliant ideas get stalled. The most common obstacle to creative projects seeing completion is a lack of funding. Kickstarter is one of the new solutions to this funding problem. As most of you know, Kickstarter is a gathering place for independent creators and and willing funders to meet and make projects happen.

Case in point: One of the best ideas still in process is a public pool (called the + pool) that would be placed in the middle of the East River in New York City. NYC has few options for public swimming, much less outdoor swimming. This would provide a provocative public swimming option that would allow interaction with NYC in a whole new way. The design is also forward thinking in that it would use the East River water. The walls of the pool would act as a “giant brita filter”. A large part of the initial funding goes towards developing this filter technology.

Kickstarter might even help us go to space. The design firm Final Frontier used the crowd funding site to develop a civilian space suit. With Kickstarter funding, a group of sixth graders in Kentucky were able to send a camera into space. With this new tool, the biggest obstacle to creative projects has gotten at least a little bit smaller.