Kickstarter: An Endless Skymall of Goodness

Kickstarter is one of the good outcomes of crowdsourcing. In many ways it’s an exercise in basic economics. If you can create a quality product and understand what the proper demand for that product should be, you should be successful in your funding campaign. Kickstarter is also one of the most entertaining sites to browse because of the wide range of both creative and weird products you will find promoted. Many of the products are similar to the wonkiness you would find on the Skymall or Sharper Image catalog, but have the benefit of going thru a crowd sourcing filter first. While browsing the site this morning I found creatively designed products I would want to buy, as well as products that make me say, “what the…”. Here are a couple of them.

Product I want – The Wristlet Watch
The wristlet watch is a throwback to an 18 Century design. These were leather straps that you could encase your pocket watch in. It converts your pocket watch into a wrist watch. This kick starter campaign redesigns these wristlet watches and uses high quality leather. I definitely wouldn’t mind having one of these.

Product that needed to convince me – Brave Jerky
I am very much a carnivore, but there is something a little disconcerting about buying meat from a random group of dudes online. I took a look at the product and I have to say the jerky looks good. They take their branding seriously with a cool logo and good photography that gives you the impression the creators are actual chefs. The flavors they offer sound good. I am half-tempted to contribute enough to get a bag.

My “what the….” Product – Morella – drink holder for umbrellas
This reminds me of a SkyMall product. It looks like a product that probably “works” but one that I would never use. It would take more time for me to use this product than not use it. The only possible market I see for this product would be a place like Seattle, where it rains all the time and there are a lot of people that walk a good distance to work to get their coffee in the morning.