It’s Hard to Make Bad Drawings that Look Good

Growing up as an aspiring comic book artist, it was always my goal to make amazing illustrations that were high in detail and accomplished a certain level of realism. I still haven’t quite accomplished this goal but I digress. It seemed impossible that a drawing that looked like it was done by children could be a good illustration. If you asked me if I could make a good illustration with stick figures I would have thought it about as possible as making a square circle.

But I am wrong. Today the “child’s” illustration is incorporated everywhere in designs and they often look good. It is no surprise that this aesthetic achieves a mood of light heartedness and innocence. What I have found surprising is how difficult these illustrations actually are to make. If you show me one of these good stick illustrations and ask if I can draw it the answer is yes. If you ask me to come up with a good “child’s” illustration on my own I would find it difficult.

I have discovered there is a particular aesthetic required to achieve this look successfully. I know it when I see it but it is difficult for me to create on my own. If I could tell you exactly what makes a stick figure drawing good I would be able to create them myself. One element that is required is an enormous amount of imagination. It is evident that the artists imagination just oozes out on the page. The next time you see a one of these “kid” drawing and think, “I can do that”, give it a second thought.