How Much Should I Invest in Social Media?

We were recently at a roundtable discussion about Social Media and what small businesses should do with it. For those that don’t know, one of our web related services that we offer is SEO and Social Media, so, this roundtable was right up our alley.

Most everyone knows about blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and others but aren’t sure how to utilize these social media tools to obtain more business or don’t have the time and resources to dedicate towards making it work well.

It’s expensive whether you do this yourself or hire a company to maintain it for you. To stay up to date with Facebook and be active with it you should be prepared to spend 1 hour per day on Facebook. Who in your company is going to manage this role and what is that expense to the company? The same goes for blogs and the other social media pieces.

We often see small businesses try to do these things themselves and very often they get no results. The results lack because they are uneducated in this specific field and end up not spending the necessary time to develop these strategies. Often people will commit to Facebook for 2 weeks and then it trails off and they wonder why they have no results. Social Media campaigns take time and repetition…it’s a lot of work!

If you want to go this route it can be very lucrative. Just like sending out post cards or buying Google AdWords can work very well; but just like those items it’s not for everyone. You wouldn’t start a post card campaign and send out a half designed post card would you?

Social Media is simply one for of advertising and obtaining new clients and stay in touch with existing clients. It’s not for everyone. This isn’t a magic potion that will make the phone ring off the hook and can be setup and run perfect with only minutes a day. If such a thing existed I would be on the beach instead of at my desk trying to drum up business. It takes time and resources. If you have the staff that can take the time to goto a seminar and learn how to do this the proper way, you could very well do it in house. Your other option is to hire a company like Century Marketing to manage everything for you. Our writers will produce all the content, all you need to do is OK it and we do the rest.

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