Your Internet Browser Makes a Difference

Whether you know it already or not, different browsers do perform differently. There are quite a few options available that one can use to do basic web browsing, and you should pick the one that works best for you.

Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Opera’s web browser are the most popular and most widely used. For good reason, these are the browsers that most websites are designed for. When creating a website, we preview a site on each of these browsers when building to ensure it looks streamline across all of them. While creating a website that is uniform is becoming easier with newer technologies, in the past it was crazy how each browser interpreted the same line of code in a different way.

Beyond displaying a webpage, a browsing speed can differ by browser. You’ve seen the advertisements on TV about Chrome being a super-fast browser or the new Internet Explorer 10 blowing away the competition, but are there really differences between them all? Yes. There really is. But it goes beyond which browser you choose, it depends on what operating system you’re running too.

A recent study done by New Relic shows how operating systems and browsers compare. On a Windows PC, if you choose to run IE 10 or 9 you are running the fastest browser, followed by Firefox, Safari and Chrome. If you’re on a Mac OS, Google Chrome runs the fastest by a wide margin.

The same goes for mobile platforms, the OS you’re running makes a difference. It might surprise you to know that on mobile platforms, it’s not the OS you think that is taking the top spot. A winner by a landslide on browsing speed is Blackberry’s browser.

If you feel that you wait an eternity for webpages to load or websites aren’t showing up quite right, consider downloading the browser that’s best for you and your operating system. You may see a difference.