Interactive Websites

We just wrapped up a new website for a client check it out for a number of reasons.

1) If you like hunting
2) to see the amount of stuff on it

The site includes JQuery, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Bulletin Boards and a blog. A bit of everything!

Our team decided to redo this site for the owner and show off what all we can do when it comes to design, interactivity, and programming. We are happy to say the least and so is our client. This site will soon have advertisers on it as well which will further add to the visual appeal and user experience.

The home page has an overview of most everything. The latest review, article, how to, videos, and more information all right there easy to see on the home page. The blog and bulletin board are set aside as those appeal to certain audiences in a different way. Overall, what a great website in both functionality, user experience, design, and ability to achieve the goals set forth by the owner.

Are you thinking of a new website? Do you want your customers to have a good user experience? Give us a call or send us an email to see how we can help you. Plan out everything you want and share it with us and let us collaborate and come up with a plan that we feel will help further.