Get Inspired!

So your in that design slump where nothing seems to be coming to mind for this one special project that is due in a couple days and you have nothing. Been there! Well you have to start somewhere, so how about start by looking in nature. The world is a crazy, lively place. Look out the window, go to your local mall or people watch.

Okay, so now that your mind is kind of rolling, start drawing. Grab a pencil, pen or crayon and start drawing anything, lines, circles, squares. By drawing these, you might eventually create an image that is just what you are looking for, which might lead to another thought, which could eventually lead to that idea you have been looking for. Show your scratch work to any of your friends, ask them what they see, how they feel, etc.. You don’t know what you are looking for, so why not have a fresh pair of eyes, designer eyes or not, say one word that could be what you need to get the ball rolling.

Sit down and start writing. Writing helps an individual get things out of their head, on to paper and clarifies things. Don’t worry about all the grammar and spelling mistakes just put your pen to the paper. It will help the process move along and might just clear your head enough to get you back on the design track. If that doesn’t work try the other option, reading. Did you know readers are great problem solvers? You are exercising your imagination when reading, which is always a plus when designing. So sit down, grab a book and see what comes to mind.

Visit your local Market or craft store. Bring your camera and take pictures for reference, of course ask the employes if it is okay to do so first. Look around at all the textures, colors, smells, and people around. There is so much to see and experience in this environment that you are sure to find something to stimulate your brain. The possibilities are endless at what can come to mind.

For more information on ways to get inspired check out this video on Milton Glaser. He talks about his ideas of inspiration and how he develops ideas.

Click here to watch the video