The Importance of Professional Photography in Marketing

In marketing, images are everything. One’s branding can be off if the right images are not used in the right place. What makes the most effective marketing is having a strong message and having a strong image to represent that message.Why is it necessary to hire a professional photographer to capture the moment? In this blog, I hope the importance is explained to you.

First off, where should you start? Photography can be expensive so you do need to budget for it. The photographer has to prep for the photo shoot: find the right location, acquire props to use during the shoot, etc.. Then you have the time during the photo shoot where the photographer is taking multiple shots, propping, etc.. Editing all the images after the photo shoot also takes time, correcting colors, retouching, editing, etc.. It’s not an easy job making sure everything is just perfect for that one image that will be your marketing tool.

You ask, why not stock photography? According the the web consultant Jakob Nielsen, people ignore generic photos online.  (read more on what he says about this:, it defiantly can be helpful when necessary. However, it is not going to showcase the originality of your product/service. Being able to show the “real thing” is very important. It connects the audience with the image and message. (Showing the capitol building, downtown views, children playing in a local park, something that distinguishes that it is a local place).  Anyone can use the web’s stock photography, its one of a kind when it is your own and viewers will connect with that.

Did you know that your company has approximately 3 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention? This is one very good reason why the image should be something memorable. Good photography is art. It will capture the audience’s attention and be more than just that 3 seconds.