The Importance of a Good Logo Design

Having a great and rememberable logo is very crucial to a company’s success. Take for instance the Coca-Cola logo, which was trademarked in 1887 and has been the company’s branded identity since. Raymond Loewy’s logo design has yet to be rebranded because of its great success.

When designing a logo, there are a few things to keep in mind.
The first thing is to keep it simple. Over designed logos are counterproductive to the viewers. The customer should be able to quickly connect what your company does by a glance of the logo. Keep in mind the size of the logo as well when over complicating the logo. It will be hard to read when printed small or at a distance.
The next thing is colors. Advertising your company is going to be a big part of getting your name out there. There will be times you will print black and white ads so the least colors you use, the better. A two color logo would be ideal. However, on occasions you can use a four color logo.
The third important detail in designing a logo is to keep the tagline out of the design. Once again, when printing in small print, it will be hard to read those small words in the logo. It is okay to include the tagline when the print can be read, but its nice to have the option of removing the tagline.

Keep in mind that the more simple and direct the company’s logo is, the more effective your logo will be.