The Importance of Accurate Measurements

When I took this job I had no idea how much I or my colleagues would use our good ol’ math skills. I guess all of my teachers were right when they said it would come in useful some day. In the printing industry, everything has specific dimensions. If we’re off by an inch (or even a centimeter) it may not fit. On a small scale, an improper measurement or cut can most likely be easily rectified. However, when dealing with large graphics, (vehicle wraps come to mind) an error in measurement can be a real headache. Two examples come to mind: First, I recently had to match a couple “2 x 10″ slide-in signs which fit on an informational board of sorts. After tweaking the color several times, I finally had what I needed and went to install them. Only I cut one of the signs just a sliver too large and it wouldn’t fit. No big deal, I’ll just shave a little off and slide it in. Done. With vehicle wraps, you better be right on or the whole thing may have to be reprinted. One of the first wraps we did was measured too short. The only way we knew this was after the wrap had been printed and was being installed. There was really no way to fix it other than retake the measurements and reprint the wrap. About two days of work. I think a lot of people would agree with me when I say I dislike doing the same work twice because of a mistake. What can you do, you have to move forward, fix the issue and get on with it. We learn from our mistakes. Every wrap we’ve printed and installed since has been right on the money.