Why Hiring a Marketing Agency is Good For Your Company

Marketing is at the top of every company’s list and is a major player in how your company gets business. If you are not prioritizing your marketing efforts, you might want to rethink that. That said, you shouldn’t carelessly enlist someone in your office to help with your marketing efforts. Marketing is more than just advertising, it’s your social media, website, any copywriting your company might send out, SEO and much more. Do you think Jane in accounting can handle all of that, plus the job she already does? Maybe you should think about hiring an agency.

Your website is a key player in your company’s marketing. Don’t waste time and money trying to use people in your office to try and create a website. Save yourself money and a lot of headaches and hire professionals. Hiring an agency to design and maintain your website from the start is the best thing you can do for your company. What do you do when you need a plumber? You Google “Plumbers in Kansas City.” So if someone is looking for your business and you come up with a shotty website or you don’t come up at all in the search, that’s bad for business. An agency full of marketing professionals, like Century Marketing, will help you to design a beautiful website you will be proud of, and they will help you with the SEO to make sure your website is found. Hiring the pros will also help to give you peace of mind knowing that your website is being updated and staying current, without you having to do too much work and worry if what you asked for is actually being done.

Another big star in marketing is social media. Having someone in your office to post every day for your company can be both good and bad. While they are right there and can catch photos of things going on quickly to post, they can also get distracted by their work. Maybe they forget to post often and you start to lose followers. That’s not just followers you are losing, that’s potential business. Hiring an agency can help you to post frequently and keep contact with your followers. You would still have to help out and possibly designate someone to send photos and content to the agency, but gathering information is a lot easier than trying to post the information yourself. If you hire an agency like Century Marketing, our social media team can help you to find the best times to post, what types of posts your audience is interested in and even update you if anything were to arise like messages or inquiries about potential business. Our team would also send you monthly statistics so you can see just how well your social media platforms are performing, and help you to break them down to better understand what is going on.

Hiring a marketing agency is not only good for you, it’s good for Jane’s sanity. So contact the marketing professionals at Century Marketing today to get started on tackling your marketing strategy.