Help! My Social Media Isn’t Working!

“I signed up for Facebook and have this blog thing on my website but the phone isn’t ringing more, it’s not working!”

We hear similar phrases too often and other web companies probably do too. How many organizations have these same clients signed up for but don’t attend, don’t work the events, don’t put in the extra effort? Probably most.

For some reason people think you can have a Facebook account or build a website and the leads will just come pouring in without work. Like organizations and events you must get in there and socialize and “work” and do this consistently to get something out of it. They don’t call it “Social Media” for nothing!

How often are you updating your Facebook and blogs? How often are you actively interacting with other people on those? Are you providing insightful and pertinent information? Giving people a reason to come back? Look at it in the same view as if you were in one of your organizations talking to people face to face socializing. If you say something that is meaningless, odds are you’ll get some strange looks and people will go elsewhere. No one wants to hire that web company that is constantly talking about how AJAX and JQuery are the greatest things to hit the web since broadband internet speeds.

Keep the discussions on topic and insightful to your audience.

Follow these steps to getting your social media campaign back on track if it isn’t working:
1) Don’t say anything unless it adds value – “Going to lunch!” vs “Presenting a Social Media piece to the NARI Members at their luncheon”

2) Stay consistent. Post quality over quantity. If that means once a week then make sure you stick to that once a week and that it is quality. Don’t over promise and under deliver.

3) Involve several people in your company rather than put the task on one person. This will give different departments a feel that they are actively involved with the company and spreads the workload over a number of people. Who can’t spare 1 hour a month? If you can’t, call me and I’ll show you where your can make up that 1 hour.

4) Advertise it! Let people know you are on Facebook or have that blog. Talk about it. Email your friends. Use it in your print and web advertisements. If no one knows about it and you aren’t being active then of course it won’t work.

These are just a few helpful tips. Above all, it takes work and you need to be committed to see results.