Just a Little Heat

Installing a vehicle wrap can be a challenging task. First things first, if you are printing the wrap, you need to choose the appropriate material for the job. There’s lots of different vinyls and our installers prefer we use 3M IJ180C v3. It conforms to the contours of the vehicle well and allows more flexibility. After you’ve printed the wrap on the material, make sure you laminate it. This will protect the printed surface and also allow a much smoother application. I’ve had the opportunity to install a couple wraps and fairly large graphics and there are definitely issues that arise. The fact that you are working with a flat material and trying to get it to conform to a different shape is challenging in and of itself. Inevitably as you apply more and more of the wrap it begins to crease as it moves from flat to curved surface. This is where a heat gun becomes invaluable. As you warm the vinyl, the creases become soft and malleable and allow you to smoothly complete the application of the wrap.  Be careful though, too much heat will cause the vinyl to melt and leave you with no option but to reprint the wrap. It may take a few attempts to smooth the problem areas. I’ve learned from experience that it is necessary to be patient with this procedure. Otherwise you will encounter endless frustration and waste valuable time and money.