Google’s April 21st Update

There was recently an announcement by Google about an update to their algorithm coming April 21st. It is meant to help provide the best search material while also taking into consideration the device you are searching on.

Some misinformation has been floating around and has a lot of people upset for no reason.

First, here is a link to the post from Google: April 21st Update

Doesn’t sound so scary does it? But what does it mean?

We were at a meeting for one of the organizations we belong to and another company was telling everyone basically that their site will disappear if they don’t have a mobile website. Pretty much scaring everyone. That’s NOT the case. The posting says that they will start ranking differently based on the type of device you are using.

So let’s say you are searching for widgets on a smartphone. Google will now analyze the sites that would normally rank well for widgets and re-rank them for your smartphone by analyzing if the site has a mobile or responsive version, and take into consideration Apps that would apply.

If you rank #1 for widgets, and you don’t have a mobile friendly site, does your competition? Do the other sites that rank in the top 20 have a mobile site? If the answer is no, you probably don’t have much to worry about and may only slip slightly in rankings. If the answer, however, is yes, you may see yourself go from #1 to the second or third page. That then becomes a problem but that is only your rankings on mobile devices.

Where does your current traffic come from? The trend is more and more are coming from mobile devices but depending on your industry and target audience, a lot still comes from the desktop, some still get over 80% of their traffic from desktops. Others like consumer sites may be less than 30% from desktops.

This update can affect your company greatly, or it may not affect your site at all.

I think the bigger issue is, if your website doesn’t have a mobile version or isn’t responsive, why doesn’t it? If your site is less than 3 years old you should have known you needed a mobile site and should have invested in one then. If your site is older than 3 years old, it’s probably dated anyways and it’s time for a new site that takes advantage of all the new technologies.

If you need a new site, give us a call and we’ll give you a free consultation if you mention this blog post.