Google introduces the new reCaptcha

As we fill out forms online you may have noticed different fields that may not be relative to the form you are filling out. Some of the forms may contain videos with a phrase that we type in while others contain a math problem that we solve (not the greatest security measure). One of the most common fields is the reCaptcha verification field. The purpose of the reCaptcha field is to help determine if there is an actual human filling out the form instead of a programmed bot whom is able to determine what to put in the form and submit their spam.

The original reCaptcha was not the prettiest but came with a few different skins in which we could choose to help match with the color scheme on your website. I think one of the major drawbacks that I saw with it was that it was not very mobile friendly. With the new reCaptcha, they have incorporated a responsive interface and added in some new security features including their checkbox verification method. They also included a fallback interface, if your computer technology is not able to render the new reCaptcha, then an alternative display is shown. It is always interesting to see what Google comes out with and I can’t wait to see what is next.