Google Glass Fears

Let me preface this post by saying I have never used Google Glass nor have I spent a lot of time researching the security measures in it or exactly how it works. However, there seems to be a lot of privacy concerns about the product and there are conflicting articles on whether it’s a real concern or not.

I do have to say, that having technology available to you, and hackers can find a way to do almost anything that technology allows for even if there are safeguards in place.

A few of the most common rumors that I have heard is first, what would happen if hackers could get into your headset and the video feed for what you are seeing? If that were to happen, bank account numbers, ATM Pins, street addresses, etc etc etc could become compromised. Scary, but if a hacker got into my computer they’d have access to all that stuff too without having to watch me. Even if real, maybe not that big of a fear. Come one, how many of us are really that interesting?

The other one that causes some privacy concerns in the built in facial recognition features. Could someone build an app that ties into dating websites and scans the crowd at the bar for a match? Possibly even narrowing it down to someone that has certain qualities and it could be pointed out to you simply be seeing them through Google Glass?


That one is a bit disturbing, although, I’m not sure that it’s at all illegal if you are on public ground.

As Google Glass matures and becomes more common in public, we’ll have to revisit some of these and determine whether it’s really an issue or not. Assuming all fears aren’t truths, the technology of Google Glass is amazing and will really bring Science Fiction to life in many ways we haven’t yet seen. Can you say “revolutionary”?