Google Fiber Update

Here in the KC area, many of us are still waiting for an announcement that Google Fiber will be coming to our homes and businesses soon. What started about a year ago in KCK and North KC (areas I don’t live in or do businesses or ever goto) has gone at a snails pace.

I had hoped that it would expand into Johnson County and onward at a fairly rapid pace, but it hasn’t. At this rate I wonder if it will be another year or two or maybe three until we get it in Lenexa!

Olathe, Grandview, Shawnee, and some of the other cities have been added to the list but no signup yet and no date for install in the near future. Google is also expanding to cities outside of the KC Metro but again, at a snails pace.

If you notice though, Time Warner and AT&T are quick to try and get you to commit to a 2 year agreement with them. I can’t wait for Google Fiber to be available to the broader metro area so they can free us from the horrible customer service from TW and ATT.