Google Fiber has Arrived in Kansas City

It’s been hyped for months and finally it’s starting to arrive. Google Fiber, the Internet that will give Kansas City residents ridiculous high-speed Internet is beginning to be hooked up to people’s homes this week.

If you’re asking what Google Fiber is, let me elaborate. It claims to be 100 times faster than regular broadband Internet and is currently the fastest speed offered in the nation. Residents can get their hands on it in three different plans. You can either a) get gigabit Internet with TV for $120/mo. b) get gigabit internet for $70/mo. or c) get free internet for a one time construction fee of $300.

Now, if you read the fine print, you do understand that if you sign up for the $120 Gigabit Internet and TV plan, you are committing to a two-year contract. However, for that price it might be well worth it. Included bonuses in your bundle are a full channel TV-lineup, no data caps, a nexus 7 tablet, a TV box, a storage box, a network box, and a 1TB Google drive, oh yeah, and up to one gigabit upload and download speeds.

Currently not all of the metro is included in the area receiving Google Fiber but hopefully, if all goes well, the rest of us will see it in the near future. Right now you have to be in the areas of Kansas City KS or Kansas City MO to sign up. North Kansas City and South Kansas City, Westwood, Westwood Hills, and Mission Woods are set to be the next areas in the Metro to be added in the fiber infrastructure.

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the “fiberhoods” as Google has nicknamed them, then you should be getting excited. Kansas City is the first ever city that Google has tested this system out with and it’s a pretty big honor. Granted we had to win this privilege by beating out a number of other cities, but with Kansas City typically getting made fun of for being nothing but fields of wheat, I’d say this should help out a bit.