New Google Algorithm Changes

Google has always put out a “how to optimize my site for Google” document that anyone could have access to for free. It’s pretty straightforward and is setup pretty much how we optimize our client’s websites.

There is no super huge secret or crazy way to get thousands of good back links, sorry, you can stop reading now if that’s what you were looking for.

Basically Google has said and done with their recent changes this year to their algorithm is that content is key and making it usable and accessible to people and you will get ranked high. So what does this mean? Have good solid content on your website pertaining to what you do. If it’s good and people will read it, look at your pictures, and can navigate easily…so can the Google Bots.

Be active in social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and so on. This will get people to your website and maybe they will share your site with others. This is how you get your “good” back links that carry a lot of weight. True, honest, this is neat look at this website kind of links. Not spammy links.

No need to stuff keywords in code. No need to get thousands of useless back links or get caught up in putting tons of title tags, alt tags, and meta tags. Just make a good, useful, easy to use website and get it out to people, real people, real customers. Not a bunch of spam.