Google AdWords

We get some calls from clients every now and then regarding Google Adwords. How much is it? How much do I need to spend? What kind of return will I get?

Well, we can give you an idea on return but don’t think it’s a magic button that sends leads to your way and causes your phone to ring off the hook. Even spending $100+ each DAY won’t ensure you get all those leads you wish you had. But it does work.

Having your name out there and having those paid ads will help over time and a lot sooner than organic SEO. It will cause your phone to ring if your product or service is in demand and your ads are setup properly. Are you selling a retail product? Something really popular right now? A service? A remodel? Roof repair?

High demand services or products and your ads will cost more but you will also have more people see those ads. Buy ads for a low demand service and you’ll pay less but don’t be surprised if you only get a couple clicks a day.

Adwords is all part of the bigger picture. It’s one more small thing you should be doing to drive business to your website/company. If you don’t have a good website then the ads may do nothing for you.

Every little bit helps and if you pick up another good job once a month by advertising then depending on your margins it’s well worth it. Give it a try and experiment. You won’t know until you try it and there’s a reason Google is as valuable and successful as they are.