What Makes a Good SEO Writer?

Everyone who works on SEO or has been exposed to it through your own company website knows there is a lot that goes on with it and knows that a lot comes from on-site optimization and on-site text. Why should we pay a writer to produce the content for us?

We have gone through a couple different writers for SEO work at our company and about a year ago found a fantastic one that we will continue to do business with for a very long time. A good SEO writer knows how to weave your keywords into the text the right number of times, and so the page does not sound too wordy.

In other words, someone could read your page that is optimized and read it cleanly and fluidly without feeling like they are repeating themselves. (no these blog posts are not written in that manner!)

A poor SEO writer won’t be able to achieve that. The pages will sound wordy and repetetive, not just through the content that is on the page but the actual word usage.

Example: If you are looking to hire an SEO expert you should contact Century Marketing and talk to our SEO expert Jessica. Jessica has been an SEO expert for 5 years! She goes through continual education to ensure she maintains her status as an SEO expert.

OK, that says SEO expert too much! A good writer won’t have that problem.

If you are looking for an SEO writer, get samples of their work so you can read through it and see who can write clearly, understand the SEO aspect of writing, and has a good turnaround time.