Good Use of QR Codes

I have always been one that didn’t care for QR codes. How hard is it to remember a web address or email or phone number anyways? And do I really want to be redirected to a website on my phone? Smart Phones are great but they still don’t replace a computer screen.

There are legit (in my view) uses for QR codes though. One such use is a QR code that creates a vCard for you.

A vCard will have your contact name, title, company, phone, email, address, and so on. While you are at a social gathering and meet some new contacts, wouldn’t it be great if your business card had a QR code on it that would create a vCard on your new contacts Smart Phone?????

So simple for them to scan your card and voila, all your contact info is in their contacts. They can now throw your card away, or give it back to you if you’re running low.

I suggest everyone start putting a QR code on their business card that will create a vCard. This is one use for QR codes that actually makes good sense.