Gmail + Google Drive = 10GB Attachments

Have you ever had that frustrating moment when you promised a person, be it a colleague, friend or family member, that you would email them a file, only to find out that file is too large to attach to your email?

Who hasn’t had this happen to them? It’s frustrating. If you try and send just a few quality photos through email, for example, you will get a lovely popup saying something along the lines of “Attachment size has exceeded limit.” The popular Gmail has a measly 25MB attachment limit. While this used to be quite a bit, now this size is more often than not, way too small. So what would we resort to when we exceed the attachment limit? Send multiple emails with one or two pictures or files in each email.  That’s all you really could do, until now

Gmail has made a change to the way people are able to send files when you’re one of their users. Rolling out to Gmail users this week, anyone with an email account will now have the option to attach files using Google Drive. The added functionality of incorporating Google drive into their email means you can attach files up to 10GB. No more multiple emails.

This might make you wonder, well, why not just use a cloud-storage that allows you to share files, like Dropbox, Box, or Microsoft’s SkyDrive and it’s simple, email is often easier. You don’t have to have someone else sign up for an account, install any software, or make extra work for your recipient. All you have to do is email them.