The Fine Line Between Cheesiness and Awesomeness

I have always been a geek of sorts. I have also had a tendency to like things that are very cheesy. It pains me to admit that in seventh grade I loved the song “I Swear” by the boy band All For One. I thought it was really cool then and after a while I realized it was super cheesy. Some songs go from being awesome, to super cheesy, and then back to awesome again in an ironic sort of way. I think the song “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice can be put in this rare category.

This same evolution from cheesiness to awesomeness is present in the art and design industry as well. When I was ten years old I would have loved to have a t-shirt that had a howling wolf with a giant full moon in the background. Or a shirt that had an illustration of a ninja fighting a samurai. With influences from movies like Napoleon Dynamite, shirts with this kind of subject matter has again become awesome in the ironic sort of way.

However, this kind of ironic awesomeness can be difficult to achieve and I don’t think everyone is even attempting this kind of cool. At walmart you can still find adult shirts that have the howling wolf on them, but I don’t think they are taking an ironic approach with it. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I get the impression they are trying to appeal to those who think it is cool the way I thought it was cool when I was ten. As a result, the design of the t-shirt is still very cheesy. It is a fine line between cheesiness and awesomeness. I wonder what cheesy things I think are awesome right now.