Finding Inspiration for Your Digital Designs

Sometimes it’s hard to be creative. It’s hard to find the energy to create. I’ve sat countless hours at the computer only to produce a design that looks like it was thrown together by a two year old. (Actually I’ve seen some impressive art by two year olds.) What I have found that works for me is exercise. Whenever I am feeling stuck, I go for a run. It really helps to clear the mind. Another form of exercise which is amazing for mental clarity is Bikram Yoga. It’s the hot kind where they heat the room up to 100+ degrees and for an hour and a half and you sweat more than you thought humanly possible. I have had some of my most productive “design sessions” post Bikram Yoga class. If exercise isn’t your thing, I often check out what other designers are doing for inspiration. I believe it’s a fairly well-known saying (although I’m not sure how I feel about it) that “The best ideas are stolen ones.” There’s a lot of really amazing digital artists in the world and most of them have very impressive websites. I usually find a couple that really inspire me and try to emulate what they are doing without it being too obvious. When it comes down to it though, I find that a bit of exercise is what I really need to get the creative juices flowing. Occasionally, I feel like I have an original idea that I can express through a digital creation… and in my eyes claim as “art”.