How to Find NEW Design Clients

Business might be slow right now for you, so you’re needing new clients is a must. Here are a couple ways to get your name out there to potential new clients.

Word of mouth is the number one way to market your company. Pass business cards out to all your current clients, and have them refer you. When someone refers you to a friend or family member, they are more likely to believe you are a reliable source for work.

Social Medias. Most of them are free. Facebook & Twitter are a great way to get your name out there. Make a company page and friend all of your friends, family, clients, etc. The more people you friend, the more views you will get. Be sure to update your page as well. Use promotions weekly/monthly and the calls will start coming.

Knocking on doors & cold calls are also a good way. Yes, we all don’t like the telemarketers that show up on our doorsteps, but in order to get a business going, you might have to be that guy! If face-to-face isn’t your style, try email or phone calls. It will eventually lead you to a client that has been looking for a designer.

Join a design group. AIGA is a great way to meet people and potential free lance work. It also gets your name out there to companies who might need freelance work. There is usually a small membership fee for some groups, however if it brings 1 client, you’ve already made that back. There are so many ways to advertise for your company other than these listed above. But these can at least get your foot in the door & get you started on your search. Be sociable & driven and you will have new clients in no time.