Finally A Cord Cutter Solution?

I have been a cord cutter for about six years now. My reasons? Most of the cable channels sucked, and the only channel I really cared about, ESPN, was never on the base cable plan. This means I would be spending a minimum of $80 or so each month  for ESPN. Our solution was to use a combination of resources to fill the cable void. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a digital antenna to get the local channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS. We would buy episodes of shows we could not wait to get to Netflix(like the Walking Dead). The decision has saved us a lot of money each month and we still get to watch most of what we want. The one large exception, at least for me, is ESPN. Sports Center is one of those shows I just liked to have on in the background while doing other things. Somehow, I got along and even got accustomed to being without my sports channel.

Sling TV has turned this into a difficult decision again. For $20 a month, Sling TV provides a base package of streaming channels that includes TBS, TNT, AMC and yes, the coveted ESPN and ESPN2. My wife’s favorite channel is Food Network, so we would both have new satisfying sources of entertainment. We could watch the Walking Dead live and catch March basketball on TBS and TNT, provided there will not be some sort of licensing issue that will black it out. So why is this still a difficult decision? After you factor in paying for internet service, Netflix and Amazon Prime, adding Sling TV would bring my monthly payment close to a regular cable bill again. $20 really is the sweet spot. Since there is no contract required, I will likely be signing up to test it out in March. What do you think? Does Sling TV offer enough to get you to cut the cord?