Feats of Lego Engineering

A story caught my attention this week about an engineer that helped his company land a $600k dollar job because he was able to construct a small machine out of Legos on the fly. This company would not have been able to take on the lucrative assignment due to a lack of manpower. The Lego machine was able to make up for the missing labor. The engineer came up with the idea after playing with Legos with his son. As you can imagine, more copies of the lego machine have since been made by the company.

This made me wonder what other amazing feats of design and engineering have been realized with Lego building blocks. As it turns out, almost anything can and has been assembled with Lego blocks. One of the big technological advancements in the last few years has been the 3-D printer. This is a machine that also seems to allow almost endless possibilities for building and engineering. The problem is it is still a little too expensive. However Matthew Krueger, an engineering student, was able to build a 3-D printer with a few hundred Legos, a VCR motor and a hot glue gun. It is not the most advanced 3-D printer, but it is a pretty amazing accomplishment. At the very least these small plastic building blocks provide a relatively cheap way (for toy standards Legos are actually fairly expensive) to use your creativity and ingenuity to test what is possible to engineer to improve our world. I encourage you to look up some lego creations for yourself but be warned, much time can be wasted!