Two of My Favorite Things: Coffee and Design

I am a coffee fanatic. It has gotten to the point that my daily schedule revolves around the consumption of coffee. I’m not saying this is good or bad, but it is the truth. My name is Mike, and I have a problem. Likewise, as a full time Graphic Designer my day to day attention is taken to designing and thinking about designing things. Creative problem solving. The two seem to go well together. A coffee is always welcome in my hand when I am involved in any kind of problem solving. Design and coffee are both big parts of my life (on a side note, I met my wife when she started working at Starbucks a month after me).

Reynolds and Reyner, a design studio in Ukraine, was given my dream assignment of having a full year to develop the branding for Coffee House London. This cafe is located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine of all places. A full year to do this kind of work and it shows in the finished product. It appears that no stone went unturned. The design and craftsmanship is magnificent. Their goal was to create an entire micro culture of London coffee drinking to Ukraine. I believe they succeeded. The only peculiarity is I was unable to find the company website or any reference to Coffee House London that was not directly related to promoting Reynolds and Reyner. This may be related to the Ukraine location or it may mean it is elaborate mockups set up to look like a real company and improve their portfolio. I probably won’t go to Ukraine to find out.