Facebook a Time Waster…but that’s OK

I often go to Mark Cuban’s blog once a month or so and catch up on what he has to say about the world, business, how politics might affect business, and sometimes even parenting comes up. He wrote a recent post about what he really thinks about Facebook and one of the things he mentions is it is a “time waster” and he doesn’t mean that in a bad way but thinks Facebook is trying to be something it isn’t or trying too hard.

For instance, when do you get on Facebook and poke around? Generally when you’re bored unless you’re addicted to it. Sitting on an airplane, in an airport, cab, subway, killing 5 minutes at work between projects, etc. It takes no thought and people don’t want to have to think or be rushed.

There are games, news feeds, updates and pictures from friends and relatives and you can go at your own pace, put it down and come back later. As he says it sure beats feeling like you need to have that awkward conversation with the person sitting next to you on the plane, or worse just sitting there staring at the back of the seat in front of you.

Think about how that might apply to your BUSINESS and how you should best use social media to promote yourself if you do indeed believe it’s meant as a time waster. Facebook doesn’t think it is a time waster but thinks it’s going to be the next Google and provide you with news feeds and everything else you could possibly want. I agree with Mr. Cuban and do think it’s a time waster…a time suck, something to combat boredom. That’s ok, but if a lot of people feel that way, how do you change or mold your social media for your company to fit that model?