Facebook, Oculus, and World Domination

Disturbing. This was my first thought at seeing this announcement. When Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion in March, many speculated what their plans were for the gaming headset that creates a virtual reality. Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus, has just confirmed that they intend to create an alternate online universe, called a “Metaverse”. How many people does Brendan Iribe want participating in this Metaverse? Oh, just a BILLION. Any science fiction movies come to mind? This is weird stuff.

Let me explain why I think this is disturbing. How many of us are probably a little too addicted to our phones and their social platforms right now? I would say a good number. Now just imagine the consequences if 1 billion people became addicted to living in a world that isn’t even real? Instead of hanging out with friends in the real world, you hang out in a virtual living room together. Instead of going out on an actual date with a physical human being, you go on a virtual date with an Avatar that has a perfect virtual “body”. I don’t even need to mention other extremes this kind of social platform could reach if adopted by 1 billion people. Now do you see why this is kind of weird and disturbing? If Facebook and Oculus succeed in their goals for a Metaverse, this would be an even more jacked up world. The only thing left for Mark Zuckerberg would be to secretly include a chip in each virtual headset that controls our minds. Then he could rule the world!