Effective Ways to Pitch Your Designs to Clients

Upon completing a design for your customer, the last thing you are thinking about is “How am I going to pitch these ideas to my client”. But it’s actually a very critical part of the outcome. You always have to have a couple of designs to show them. You have your one that looks okay, it’s what they pictured in their head, but to you just doesn’t look right. The one that is just not even close to hitting target, and of course, the one that you think is perfect for their look.

You would rather just show them the one & move on to the next project, but we all know that isn’t possible, they want options! So here are a couple things you can do to help your customer understand your design process.

Show your client the design options in black and white first. If the design works this way, it is a good design. Your project should not be based only on the colors selected for the design.

Start out by explaining to your client why you think this option works. By them having a little more understanding as to why you did what you did with the design elements, it will  open their insight to the design.

Be open with your client. Tell them what you think does not work in the design or changes they want to make. You are the professional, so your input does matter to them, weather they admit to that or not.

Lastly, you as the designer need to have an open mind to making changes as well if they wont budge. Some clients are just going to be set on their ways. By making slight changes you should be able to find a middle ground to what pleases your customer & also having a design that communicates what it is suppose to.

It isn’t always easy to pitch your ideas. There needs to be reasoning and logic behind a good design. So next time you are pitching an idea to a client, just be sure to communicate your thoughts on each design. Really explain why or why not something works or not, it will be effective & have promising results.