Dungeons & Dragons Commemorates 40th Year With New Logo

There are geeks, and then there are Dungeons & Dragons geeks. As a comic book lover, I embrace my geekdom. However, people of my ilk still look at D&D players and think to themselves, “man they are geeks!”. All kidding aside, the fantasy role-playing game has had quite an influence in our gaming culture. It has been credited to inspiring the creation of iconic video games such as World of Warcraft. D&D also reached a significant mile-stone with it’s 40th birthday being celebrated this year.

To commemorate the games 40th anniversary, Hasbro hired Illustrative Designer Von Glitschka to update the brand. The result is a clean and finished wordmark with a refined and illustrative ampersand. Hasbro then went beyond Glitschka’s work and unrefined the ampersand a bit with tons of photoshop effects.

This additional update by hasbro illustrates a culture clash between the fantasy art community and the graphic design community. Fantasy art often displays an amazing amount of technical talent in rendering the human figure and magical beasts. However, in any other context the art tends to come across super cheesy unless you are being ironic with it. In Hasbro’s intent to make the ampersand even more “super cool”, they just added a lot of cheese to it with detailed metallic effects. However, the added detail is probably perfectly within range of what a D&D fan would want. As a result, the duo of Glitschka Studios and Hasbro have done a good job of designing for the Dungeons & Dragons demographic.