What You Might Not Know About Design

More often than not, clients think its going to be fast & easy to create the image & design they are looking for and more often than not, this is a misconception. In some cases, us designers, can get it right the first time. Sometimes, it can take three of four times to create what the customer has in mind. Other times, the customer changes their mind on what they would like, and we have to start all over. Design is a process.

If you ask a designer if they are satisfied with their work, they are more than likely going to respond by saying, “Well, I think I can make this better” or “I love it, but now….”. Our work as designers is never done. The world is growing & changing so rapidly, that the new “Best Thing” will be out before you know it.

Moving on to another topic: Photo resolution. Most people don’t realize that in order to use a particular photo for print, it needs to be in high resolution, meaning that it needs to be 300 dpi (dots per inches) at the very least. It is so easy to go grab an image from the web, but A) it’s illegal if you do not have copyrights to the image and B) most images are scaled to 72 dpi for web resolution. So be sure you have the copyright to use an image online & make sure its an acceptable size to print.

Finally our last topic: Monitor settings. These settings vary screen to screen and no two monitor settings are the same. Therefore, the way that I see something on my screen might be a little different that how you are viewing it on your screen. The color might be a little brighter or duller or the size of an image could be smaller.

Graphic design can take some time to get the look you are going for. There are many aspects that need to be considered when designing for a client to make the piece successful.