Cyber Attack? What’s it Mean for You?

I saw an article this morning about Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano saying there is an imminent cyber attack…a 9/11 cyber attack that could happen at any time.

The more advanced our society becomes and the world becomes, it opens us to other threats that weren’t there 20 years ago. So a cyber attack means what? Well, it could be an attack on a data center that houses the servers for credit card companies, banks, or normal websites. It could also be attacks on the infrastructure for water, electricity, and phones. It could also be an attack on our military cyber infrastructure meant to disable our high tech fleet of planes, ships, satellites, missiles, and communications with troops on the ground.

It could mean a lot of different things.

A guy I knew in college was a hacker, toying around with hacking into other computers and systems. He ended up landing a job with the government working to try and hack their own systems to actively find weaknesses or vulnerable areas before the enemy does. I also know a lot of people in the military and tech people in the military and I’ve got faith that they really know what they are doing and put security at the highest level.

What’s most likely to happen in my opinion? That would be the attack on data centers or trading companies, banks, credit cards institutions; to disrupt sales and stock trading…hit us in the pocketbook where it hurts. The 9/11 attacks partly chose the WTC because it was a symbol of the powerful US economy. Why would a cyber attack choose something different?

So what if I lose water for a day or two. That happens anyways once a year or so when a water main breaks!

It’s a very real threat. It can be done from the other side of the world and not face to face. Cyber wars are coming and I’m young enough I’m sure I’ll be alive to witness a full scale cyber war between countries. The economic and lifestyle impacts they may have will be drastically different than the human life cost of traditional wars.