Cut the Teather and Get Away

Technology is great and allows us to be more efficient if we know how to use it. I think of some people who will remain nameless, that just can’t use technology and are paying for stuff they’ll never use half of. Still not texting? No emails on your phone? No cell phone???

For those of us who use technology for business and know how to use it well, it seems like we have this tether that we can’t ever get away from. I found myself at “Dad’s and Doughnuts” today at my son’s pre-school and I kept having the urge to pull out my phone and check messages and emails. At home in the evenings and weekends, many of use business people or management have the same problem, or sporting events and family get togethers.

So how do you cut that cord and get away?

I can go out hunting and still get a cell signal in most places, so that doesn’t necessarily work. The one thing for me personally that works well is going for a bicycle ride.

I used to race competitively and keep wanting to get back into it. 2 kids and (how’d you guess?) being busy with work caused me to stop. When I would go out on my rides I’d ride for 2 – 5 hours and it would just be me on my bike and the open road. Nothing would distract me and while physically exhausting, it was very mentally refreshing and really cut that cord of being about business all the time.

Vacations should be that way and those of you who are technology savvy, need to find what that thing is that you can get away and relax. Some it’s hunting, kids games or events, poker night, a movie, etc. Just find whatever it is and get away for a while!