Search Engine Optimization


Do You Have Well Planned SEO?

If you don’t have a well-planned search engine optimization (SEO) program in place, you may as well be referring your customers to the competition.

It’s no longer enough to have a great website – you have to get your customers to it. With every company having a website, the search engines are getting more and more complicated in how they rank search results and a comprehensive SEO program is the only way to get your website to the top. The website design experts at Century Marketing can help you get there and stay there.

Create a Comprehensive SEO Program For Your Website Today!

A good website SEO program will help clients find you rather than you having to find them. And prospective clients who find you in the first page or two of search engine results are actively searching for what you are offering or selling and are therefore much more likely to convert to a sale than someone who just stumbled across your site.

To be truly successful long-term, an SEO program must be an ongoing effort rather than just a one-time task. The search engines reward pages that are properly tagged, have relevant content to the keywords being searched, and are new or updated. Most search engines update their indexes every 30 to 45 days, meaning your content should be updated at least that frequently. While adding SEO content to your site will give you an initial boost in the search engine rankings, you have to continually keep your content updated and fresh to keep that high ranking.

Century Marketing can work with you to create a comprehensive SEO program for your website that includes SEO content and keywords, proper tagging, and a schedule of SEO content to be updated or added over time. Without a planned content schedule, it’s easy to forget to update your content and let it get stale, which could result in sliding down in the search engine rankings and could deter prospective customers from coming back to your site. Don’t lose out on business. Let Century Marketing create an SEO program and will maximize the effectiveness of your website.