Custom E-Mail Blasts
e-mail blast marketing
Custom e-mail blasts from Century Marketing are an economical and effective way to reach your customers and build brand loyalty. They are perfect for newsletters, coupons, special offers, maintenance reminders, special events, or to advertise new products or services.

Custom e-mail blasts are more efficient than traditional mailers. Virtually everyone has an e-mail account and checks it at least once a day, making custom e-mail blasts a great way to get your message to your clients. Century Marketing can tailor your custom e-mail blast to very specific segments of your client base rather than sending every message to all of your subscribers.

Designing and coding e-mail blasts is more complicated than coding web pages. There is a large lack of consistency between the various mail clients which makes coding complex. Incorrectly coded e-mail blasts can land right in the spam folder. Century Marketing has the expertise in e-mail marketing and its associated constraints to ensure maximum effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaign. We will ensure that your custom e-mail blasts conform to the client rules and rendering standards for all major e-mail systems and web browsers.

Century Marketing will design each custom e-mail blast specifically for your company rather than use a template that every other company is using. In addition, our graphic designers have the expertise to design custom e-mail blasts that are visually appealing so that they engage subscribers, while balancing graphics and text for quick loading.

Sending your custom e-mail blast is only part of the equation. After your custom e-mail blast is sent, Century Marketing can provide you with a variety of analytics to measure the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaign.

Let Century Marketing help you employ an e-mail marketing campaign that will help you build relationships with your customers and get results. For more information, call Century Marketing at 913-969-9758.